Monday, January 22, 2018

The Book of Me: Who am I?

     I first answered this prompt back in 2015. That was about three years ago and I honestly can’t believe it has been that long already. Of course, I did the first prompt and then life happened and I quit blogging. Even though 2015 seems like yesterday, so much in my life has changed and happened since then it’s incredicbly crazy. I am writing this as I deal with a fussy almost two month old at 3am in the morning. That is how much crazy change has happened.

     So here I am in 2018, starting this Book of Me challenge over again with the new prompts that the creator, Julie Goucher, has started for 2018. The first prompt says Who am I? List 20 things that describe you. So here it goes:

I am...
1. A wife to an amazing husband
2. A mother to the most beautiful little girl
3. A family historian
4. A traveler
5. A vlogger and blogger
6. Introverted
7. A movie and entertainment industry lover
8. A music movie score fanatic
9. A journaler
10. A lover of water. Baths, ocean, waterfalls - I wish I was a mermaid.
11. A memory keeper - or hoarder, depends how you want to look at it.
12. A Disney lover
13. A history nerd. Which was my favorite subject in school since 5th grade.
14. A language learner. Especially love learning languages of my ancestors. It makes me feel more connected to them and my heritage.
15. A true friend
16. An INFJ
17. Compassionate
18. A Christian
19. A vegetarian
20. I am ME